Tiffany has always enjoyed being creative!  Even as a child she was found in her room always doodling names, and titles of things adding color and texture to each "work of art".  She would create name plates and signs to put on her mom and brother's door, displaying unique and creative patterns with all manner of color, using all manner of pens, markers and colored pencils.  Today, this has manifested itself again, first with the creation of hair jewelry, Tiffany’s Loc Jewels LLC, originated in 2012, and now, Tiffany’s Bible Jewels in 2020.  Tiffany has always had a deep hunger for God, which she has studied the Word of God seriously since the age of 19.  As she has grown in the things of God, she fell in love with the Word of God and spending time in His presence.  She has received dreams from the Lord, seen visions, and found herself flowing in a prophetic anointing, word of wisdom and teaching the Word of God.  In the creative vein, she has written poetry/short stories (some published and unpublished) and worked on a novel.  Fresh Manna with Tiffany was born after a burden to share with others all that God has deposited in her spirit over the years, to sow seed by edification, exhortation and teaching for the body of Christ.  Her foremost desire is to win souls for the kingdom and inspire disciples to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas.