Tiffany's Bible Jewels was created to add a beautiful aesthetic to the written Word of God by attaching bible bookmarks to hold their place in the Word.  Some are held with single yarn style and others with elastic to hold two places at once.  Next time the pastor says, "turn to Romans 5, then hold your place and turn to Hebrews chapter 11", it will be easier to manage that task with a beautiful, gemstone tassel at the bottom of it.  

Each bible bookmark is made with semi-precious gemstones and special rondelles to add beauty and distinctiveness to the written Word of God.  There are a myriad of colors and styles on the way, with newly featured items arriving on a monthly basis. 

Tiffany’s Bible Jewels will eventually be available in different sizes.  Right now, it is available in the standard size, for 6x9 inch bible. Later, it will be available for personal size, large and pocket size.