You think it’s all about mixing colors, drawing lines, fancy artwork?  Think again. Bible journaling is not child’s play for adults who love the Lord, nor is our bible used as an outlet for an adult coloring book, no sir, but it is used to create memory, imagery and create an indelible blueprint in our minds of the Word of our God.  It is used as a way to memorize the Word in such a way that the Holy Spirit can at one time or another draw from our spirit, the words which bring us life, when we are being bombarded with words of death.

When I was in college, getting my undergraduate and graduate degree, I would aptly describe myself as a visual learner, and even a tactile learner.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time remembering what the professors said if I only just listened. But when I listened intently and took copious notes, I found that I retained the concepts more.  When it was my time to study for exams, I filled notebook upon notebook just re-writing the notes I took in class and re-writing the things I had studied in my own study time gathering more information regarding a certain subject.  With this approach, I was able to get A’s and B’s on my assignments being fully prepared for all exams. Well, likewise is my approach in studying the Word of God.

Now, I would be remiss to say, that there is a form of bible journaling that exists today where it has taken on a new lifeform of its own, it’s own genre of sorts, but the majority of us studying the bible (including those that do artful bible journaling), know the importance of annotating passages of scripture and making it personal to us on a daily basis.  Though this has become immensely popular in the last several years, due to the advent of social media, “bible annotation” and “extensive bible study” using a variety of pens, stickers, post-its and clips, is not and any way a new phenomenon. This goes back well over 20-30 years ago with our forefathers, but it was not something one photographed much, only shared pew to pew or in bible classes.  It is my joy to see such an honorable form of study, come to the forefront on social media platforms and in churches. Bible annotating and studying is and can be a very personal thing, which some keep private at times, due to personal struggles, dates, names and short journal entries written on the perimeter of the pages. I had often and currently find it exciting to see worn-out bibles, tattered pages, and pen and highlighter markings whenever I have the privilege to see what someone else has written.  Now with social media, and the accumulation of bibles, versions, styles, translations, we are creating our own legacy to pass down to our children and grandchildren.

Hopefully, this article has caused you to view bible journaling in a new way!  Next time you see someone's page filled with markings, send hearts their way and ask them which part meant the most to them that day.

Feb. 5, 2020 / Copyright by Tiffany Parr

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